Vikramaditya Khanna

1.  I had him for sec reg during winter 2009.  Khanna allows you to opt-in via the internet before class if you want to be on-call.  If you opt-in about 30 or so times a semester, you get a 10 point bump in your grade.  Taking the class pass/fail and not opting in leaves you with absolutely zero incentive to pay attention.  Thankfully Khanna is an excellent teacher and really knows this stuff.  He is pretty clear, and he even gives you a 10 page personal outline for about 1/2 the material.

2. Khanna is awesome. He is very straightforward, makes lectures interesting, and doesn't take this too seriously. For class participation he does a sign up system where you get a grade boost if you sigh up ~60%+ of the time. This systems works well because it is easy to satisfy, and you don't have to worry about being cold-called if you didn't do the reading that day. When he does call on you, the answers are usually already on the board. His tests are relatively straightforward as well, there were no surprises. The final is usually a portion multiple choice with a final issue spotter question that he tells you beforehand has 4 big issues to spot. For EO Khanna also covers more material than the other profs, particularly M&As which are the most interesting part of the course (where the blood is spilled, Khanna likes to say). Definitely take EO with Khanna if you are going to take EO.

3.  Khanna is the best prof I've had here.

4.  Khanna is an awesome professor. I would definitely recommend taking any class he teaches. Also, the other prof who usually teaches EO is not very good (Evans), so if you want to take EO, definitely take it with Khanna

5.  Khanna, on the other hand, is the ideal professor. He's not an asshole in class, he's incredibly lucid, has a good sense of humor, and you learn a ton. The exam is also very straightforward and fair.

6.  I have Khanna for a mini seminar and I think he is awesome. The other EO profs aren't nearly as good.

7.  Khanna is a good professor, but don’t get so caught up in the hype surrounding him to think he walks on water.  His positive aspects would include that he is: an interesting lecturer, not brutal when he cold calls, approachable outside of class.  On the other hand, in his Fall 2009 EO class, I found him, or at least his class, frustrating for the following reasons: he canceled class a lot during the semester and then tried to ramrod a lot of material in at the end of the semester by holding double class sessions, none of his old exams were online, the exam was 2/3 multiple choice, he attracted what seemed like half the masthead of law review and an inordinate amount of other gunners who were trying to impress him (I don’t know how this affected the curve; draw your own conclusions).  He also sometimes spends a lot of time explaining how ingenious a certain decision is, but fails to clearly explain the law.

Also, it is better to think of the “opt in” system for cold calls as a system in which if you don’t opt in the required number of times you are going to lose 10 points on your final grade as opposed to a system in which you get a 10 point boost if you do opt in enough times.  Almost everyone is going to get the 10 point boost.

8. People rant and rave about how wonderful Khanna is.  I think he's good, certainly better than average, but I'm not sure I can join the raving.  He does sometimes do the whole, "Yeah, that's right" thing ... where if asked after class, he'll acknowledge that the answer the student gave was objectively wrong but he just decided not to bother correcting them.  I'm pretty sure that counts as Not Cool.

His explanations are pretty clear, I think.  I'm still not sure he was worth the priority.  (Then again, people say all other EOs profs are just awful.  Maybe Pritchard's okay?)

9. I had heard people rave about Khanna, but found him to be pretty mediocre. He's a nice fellow, and tries very hard to be engaging, but honestly is incredibly dull. I know he thinks he's being engaging and funny, but it comes across of condescending and uninteresting. I can't speak to the other EO profs, but he did not do it for me at all. On the other hand, he lets you "opt in," so you won't be called unprepared, and he's not a particularly tough cold caller. Still, I don't think it's worth it. He just kind of sucks.
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