Veronica Santarosa 

1.  Contracts (LAW 520) - W12 (current semester)

Worst teacher ever.  While she's really nice and tries her best, she can't control the discussion in any way and went through the cases so slowly that she had to cut out 10 or so cases at the end of the semester.  To make matters worse, the class is structured in the most idiotic way possible (in part due to the Ayres textbook that no other K prof uses at UM).  We learnt consideration, statute of frauds, etc, BEFORE offer and acceptance.  It made the entire class confusing and makes preparation for the exam difficult.  Who the hell doesn't start off by teaching the elements of whether or not a K has been formed? Santarosa, that's who.  I can with the utmost confidence say that in the field of contracts, this class has put me at a disadvantage with law students nationwide.

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