1.  I've heard decent things about Dickinson.

2.  I'm in transnat with Dickinson now.  First, the bad:  The course reader does not help the learning process at all (basically, you cycle through a few concepts, move forward to a somewhat arbitrarily-defined new "era" and then go through the the cycle all over again).  It causes a lot of deja vu and makes it hard to keep things straight.  I harp on about the reader because Dickinson co-wrote it, so you'll probably use it.  Also, I don't think anyone has a clear idea of what will be on the final. The good: Dickinson has a very laid-back personality and a good sense of humor.  He's approachable and seems to like his students.  He flies in from D.C. to teach each week, meaning he cancels class fairly readily (you'll probably see less of this in the Fall when there's less chance of snow, though). On the whole, I recommend him. Hope this helps.

3.  I have Dickinson this semester and he's not bad. However, he has had Prof Reimann teach the course a couple times as a substitute teacher, and I regret not taking it with Reiman. Additionally, if you plan to take the class pass/fail I would highly recommend Reimann. The problem with Dickinson (assuming your pass/fail'ing, like half the class will be) is that it's difficult to completely blow off the reading and still have an good idea of what's going on in the class. He seems to take it for granted that you read the material and have some basic understanding of it, which is a pain if you're pass/fail'ing and not doing any of the reading because you'll find yourself wasting a lot of time going back to the readings trying to fill in gaps in your notes. The other thing I don't like about Dickinson is that he asks a ton of questions, but rarely gives you the answers. Reimann, on the other hand, will walk you through everything including the pertinent facts of the case. So if you're pass/fail'ing you can literally get away with never opening the course pack all semester with Reimann. Reimann also makes the stuff a little more interesting as well, but that may just be the lack of confusion and clarity in the way he teaches that does it for me.

4.  Transnat: Disliked the subject, barely read the material, but Dickinson is one of the funniest/most laid back/coolest profs ever. I honestly would take another class with him just to be near him.

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