1.  Professor Kornfield is fantastic (advanced copyright). I wish she still taught a section of the copyright survey as well. If you're even vaguely interested in IP practice, take this class. Prof. K. has worked in the field for years and is quietly Kind of a Big Deal. She has tons of war stories and helpful tips for what to look out for when you're actually practicing law. She's also one of the nicest and warmest people around and has students over to her house for an end-of-semester brunch, where she refuses to let you leave until you're carrying 47 pounds of leftovers on your back in tiny Chinese food containers. Just be sure you don't take the final project lightly. You do actually have to spend some time working on it.

2.  The opportunity to take adv. copyright with Prof. Kornfield is reason enough to take the foundational copyright class.  Prof. Kornfield is an engaging lecturer and leads great discussions in class.  Equally important, Prof. Kornfield, more than any other professor in law school so far (and I'm a 3L), really showed me how a great lawyer can thrill their clients, be ultra successful in practice, and be passionate about their job.  To top it off, she's super nice and always brings snacks!  What more could you want?

I concur with review # 1 on the final project requirement: the project will take more time than you expect.  Professor K. expects the project to reflect "about 25-30 hours of solid work," and that doesn't count the other 25 or so hours you spend spinning your wheels while you're getting started.

In summary:  Kornfield rules.  Take her class.
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