1I had it [Communication Law]. She is a good teacher and really knows her stuff. If you're interested in the FCC at all, take it. N.B.: there's only like one day of net neutrality.

2. Good class, but I would recommend doing the paper option. Also, she calls on you like every day. But, she is very nice about and nothing happens if you can't answer. [Then after I asked for clarification about why paper instead of exam]: Well, maybe I shouldn't have been so hasty. Basically, I did a paper and got a good grade with it and I think it is easier to get a good grade on the paper because she helps you with it throughout the semester. Also, for me, doing the paper made the class more interesting because I had nominal interest in quite a few of the topics covered.

3. [Communication Law] Fabulous. Highly recommended. Crawford is a very straightforward, clear lecturer. She is also engaging, brilliant and has an insider's perspective on a lot of the issues. The format is 25%-50% lecture, 50%-75% discussion. The textbook is accessible, helpful and informative. She doesn't expect you to have any kind of technical background. I don't have one, and I was fine. You can write a final paper or take the exam. The exam is also straightforward - a bit of issue spotting, a bit of case law and a bit of policy.

4. Cyberlaw with Crawford is fantastic. If you are at all interested in the legal issues that arise in the internet you will like it. Crawford is one of the two or three leading experts in this field. She's interesting, completely accessible and friendly. A couple of things to consider: (a) Crawford cold calls a lot (expect to get called on every other day or so for a couple of questions) but she's totally nice about it and doesn't grill you and (b) a requirement of the class - at least when i took it - is that you write a weekly wiki entry that discusses the readings or replies to another student's entry on the class wiki - it's not hard, but it is extra work. The final exam was totally fair if you did the readings and paid attention in class - no curveballs.

5. I have her for communications. Good professor. Very interested in the subject. People generally like her. She's not great at filling in the gaps and expects you to understand the reading well, but that's really my only complaint.

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