1.  I had him for sports law during the fall of 2009.  Clark is great.  The class is very laid back.  There can be quite a bit of reading at times, but you don't really have to do it.  He doesn't cold call, and he will pretty much tell you exactly what you need to know in a very straightforward way.  For the final, he gave us a list of 40 questions that were possible for the exam.  There were about 15 of these questions on the exam.  Some you could probably answer in a 1-3 paragraphs.  The longer one's still were 5-7 paragraphs.  We only had about 20 people in the class, so he did not curve it.  He also canceled a number of classes or let us go 30-45 mins early at times.  He suggested we ask for a tuition refund.  Great guy.

2.  I had Clark for Evidence and liked it a lot. He's clear and organized in his lectures, and a fun, entertaining speaker too. My only gripe: the exam was a lot harder than he suggested it would be. It was 1/3 True/False and 2/3 Multiple Choice, and he said basically if you went to class it'd be easy, and it wasn't. Fortunately the curve reflected that, and I did fine, but it was kinda a shocker when we first got the exam. Aside from that, I'm a huge Clark fan- I'd take anything he teaches.

3.  For Evidence, I'd recommend you either take Clark or Niehoff (who will be teaching it in the spring). Clark is really straightforward and laid back. His exam consists of 80 true/false and multiple choice questions, which might be something to consider if you have a particular like or dislike for multiple choice. On the downside, I thought the exam questions ranged from very easy to very nitpicky, and the curve is very tight.

4.  If you're good with black letter law, I can vouch for Clark's fair, straightforward multiple choice exam. He's also great at explaining hard concepts (like hearsay exceptions) in ways that make intuitive sense.

He canceled about half the classes, and every class ended 10-20 minutes early. He is one of the least Socratic professors, and he basically lectures. He is also pretty entertaining and friendly. Some students complain that he wasn't available outside of class, but I never had any reason to seek him out. Overall, he made clear presentations of the rules and cases and that was that. The exam was also fairly easy, consisting of 80 multiple choice questions over a 4 hour period. I'd recommend this class basically because he's an easy grader, you get a lot of free time, and he doesn't screw around trying to be Socratic. I'm sure other students will write you saying "he just doesn't care about his students." Maybe that's true, but who cares when his class is an easy A? Furthermore, I applied a lot of what I learned as a member of the team that went to the National Trial Competition this year. I can't imagine I would've been better off if I had taken with one of the more "serious" professors. I recommend Clark.

5.  Clark is fantastic for evidence, in my opinion. He's responsive to student questions, and he explains the material very well.

6.  Clark is pretty straightforward, but his class isn't mind blowing. I guess he's amusing sometimes, but he'll never make you think REALLY DEEPLY about rules of evidence. Still, you might like to have a straightforward prof for such a rules-based class. Also, the exam is entirely true/false and multiple choice, so if you hate that kind of exam, it might be something you want to consider. ~ If I get anything more (which I am hoping for!), I will certainly pass it along.I loved Clark. He's awesome, and a lot of fun to go see everyday. The test is multiple choice, as well, so consider that.

7.  Torts: He covers the Epstein book in order and rarely adds anything.  Usually approachable, but more interested in being the cool professor who can still play basketball with 20 somethings than really talking torts with you.  He's not as nice in office hours as in class.  There's not a lot of depth in class, and he doesn't get into economical approaches to tort law or anything like that.  The exam is straightforward and just a matter of hitting all of the issues.  It's a bit of a typing contest since the issues aren't hard to spot.  Because the class is pretty shallow, the curve is tight.

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