1.  I've heard to avoid Payton for Admin.

2.  Professor Payton is a very enthusiastic lecturer who is fun and engaging to listen to, but the content of the class is so far outside the realm of what others learn about administrative law that I'm not sure I'll even consider myself to have taken admin after I'm done. We don't learn rules, we don't really learn the law at all, we learn 'Professor Payton's Words of Wisdom from the Nixon Administration', which are certainly very interesting and I'm sure will be very helpful (perhaps more so than the rules themselves) in our careers, but it's not Admin Law. Add to that the fact that class is done purely as a lecture, without any dialog other than questions, and it often feels like I would be better served sending a tape-recorder in my place and listening to the lectures back-to-back in the week before the final. If you can, take Admin with Professor Mendelson, she's great.

3.  She's definitely brilliant, and has maybe influenced my own thinking about government more than any other professor. But it's true that you don't really learn much about the admin law rules in her class.  Also, make sure to take the exam pass-fail -- it was the weirdest exam I've ever seen.

4. She's brilliant. Love her. Took Creativity & the Law. Def a great class with really interesting material, and she's never boring.  Highly recommend. Take it for a grade.

5. Took Creativity and the Law, but I disagree 100% with #4. We have no idea what she's talking about half the time. It's interesting subject matter, but after the first couple weeks it devolves into her going off on unrelated tangents.

6. I don't know who the hell wrote these reviews, because Payton is batshit insane. I literally cannot believe that she is allowed to teach when she is clearly suffering from schizophrenia or dementia or both. I took health law from her, and I learned more about health law from a homeless person I met on the streets of Baltimore. It's not necessary to attend class, and seeing as doing anything at all would be more useful than attending her class, attending class is actually detrimental.

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