1.  I took Jx with Reimann and it was incredibly hard.

2.  [Someone who took Transnat with Dickinson writes that Dickinson] has had Prof Reimann teach the course a couple times as a substitute teacher, and I regret not taking it with Reiman. Additionally, if you plan to take the class pass/fail I would highly recommend Reimann. The problem with Dickinson (assuming your pass/fail'ing, like half the class will be) is that it's difficult to completely blow off the reading and still have an good idea of what's going on in the class. He seems to take it for granted that you read the material and have some basic understanding of it, which is a pain if you're pass/fail'ing and not doing any of the reading because you'll find yourself wasting a lot of time going back to the readings trying to fill in gaps in your notes. The other thing I don't like about Dickinson is that he asks a ton of questions, but rarely gives you the answers. Reimann, on the other hand, will walk you through everything including the pertinent facts of the case. So if you're pass/fail'ing you can literally get away with never opening the course pack all semester with Reimann. Reimann also makes the stuff a little more interesting as well, but that may just be the lack of confusion and clarity in the way he teaches that does it for me.

3.  I'm taking Jurisdiction with Reimann right now, and he's absolutely amazing! He and Seinfeld are supposed to be the best profs for the class. If the "unknown" turns out to be Reimann (since he teaches a 4-credit class -- which I highly recommend since you'll learn more), take it with him.

4. I am also in Reimann's Transnat: I like him as well. He is very straightforward as well, which I really like. He is not as funny as Seinfeld, however.

5.  Reimann. I took him and he's awesome. You'll actually learn the material. He's not a particularly hard grader but he doesn't have any sympathy if you don't go to class. If Reimann taught a jurisdiction II i'd take it. Oh and the reading is really reasonably. Average 11-12 pages a night in the course pack

6.  I took it with Reimann and he's very intense. The class goes at a fairly brisk pace and Reimann expects you to be 100% on top of your game every single day, otherwise you will not be able to follow his hypotheticals. He's also a good teacher though - he breaks down concepts and explains things very well.

7.  Reimann is easily the best professor I've had in law school (and I'm a graduating 3L), and this class is one of the best classes I've taken. I'll let other people add to my praise of him, but he teaches the class in a very organized, methodical way and makes you understand every aspect of what he's talking about in great depth. He then spends 10 minutes the next day reviewing every lecture! He makes his expectations of his students known from day 1, regarding the readings, class participation, and the exam, and is not lying when he says this is one of the hardest classes you'll take in law school. But he'll guide you through it step by step, so by the end of the semester it doesn't even appear all that hard and you feel like you've actually learnt something about the law - a feeling few professors can give you.

8.  If you want to take Jurisdiction (it's a pre-req for Fed Courts and some of the fed jur seminars, so it's better you take it sooner rather than later), take it with Reimann. Some of my friends took it with Seinfeld, and even though I've heard lots of great things about him, he doesn't cover intl jurisdiction and choice of law issues in as much depth as Reimann does (Reimann also teaches Transnat, btw).

9.  Might ask Reimann about the more credits thing - or Seinfeld for that matter since I bet he knows. I currently have both profs right now - Seinfeld for Jurisdiction and Reimann for Transnat. I really like them both. Seinfeld is funnier and talks faster. Both are clear lecturers and have reasonable expectations for class participation. Both seem to really know their stuff well and are good at making things concrete. I would say take it with Seinfeld though because his class is sort of magically wonderful. I think you'd really like him. Plus he has Scalia stories =) If you haven't done transnat yet, take that with Reimann. Both great profs though, you can't go wrong I think. Maybe have one as the alternate to the other? Oh, Reimann lets 1L fall starters in his class though, Seinfeld only lets summer starters in next semester I think.

10.  In other news, TransNat is important to take if you're interested in international law and Reimann is a great prof. It's definitely something you should take as early as you can if you're interested in this area of law at all.

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