1.  Noah Hall is a fantastic professor. As you can tell from the title of the class (US-Canadian environmental law), it's some pretty wonky stuff. Don't let that dissuade you. If you have any interest in environmental law, and possibly even if you don't, the class is well worth taking. The quality of the course, like most seminars, will also depend on who else is in the room with you. But Professor Hall is great about maintaining a casual atmosphere that encourages participation even from people without much background. I took the course as a second semester 3L, had only taken one prior environmental law class, and was mostly really happy to show up for 2 hours on a Friday morning. That says something.

2.  Water Law: Noah Hall is a great Professor--not often that you find a law professor who scoffs at authority (maybe it's because he went to law school here but works full-time at Wayne State?). Anyways, water law is an important but probably obscure topic in law. It covers allocation of ground and surface water, rather than water quality--a little bit of Public Trust, but no Clean Water Act. In our review session, he literally told us what would be on the test. Anyways--I find water law both fascinating and frustrating as a topic and was happy to take this class. It probably won't be really applicable to many of you as a field of work or study, but I would still recommend it as an experience.

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