1.  The material for Administrative Law was interesting (at least for me...). While Mendelson is clearly brilliant and struck me as pretty approachable, she presents the material in a pretty disorganized way. One thing I liked is that she occasionally presented hypos to the class. Her 8 hour take-home exam really takes 8 hours AND my year (Fall 2010) she didn't flag the percentages allocated to each question. This meant I was essentially making up percentages in my head and hoping for the best.

2.  Does not allow laptops.  The key to doing well is scribbling as much lecture down as you can and don't read the casebook too closely.  Mendelson will suss out the important points that you need to know on the exam, so reading the cases doesn't do much good.  I hear for Admin., Mendelson is better than Payton, and I believe it.

3.  I loved Mendelson. From what I've heard, she's gotten a lot more organized. She also apologized for failing to include percentages on the Fall 2010 exam. 

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