1.  I recommend Howson for EO, he's really personal, funny, and interactive with the class, plus he remembers names and he's really accomplished professionally (was a partner at Paul Weiss before he came to UMich).

2.  I loved him, thought he was a great teacher and liked the class.  That being said, it wasn't that great of a grade for me; I'd consider taking it pass/fail.  There are just so many people and part of the final exam is multiple choice?

3.  I had howson for eo.  a weird dude (in a good way - if I can practice corporate law for several years and still end up that crazy, I'll be happy), good teacher, but a terrible exam.  i had to leave the room because i was laughing so hard at the absurdity of the multiple choice.  It wasn't representative of what we covered in class, and the choices were indistinguishable.  but if you want to learn stuff and don't mind taking it pass/fail, i'd recommend howson.

4.  Howson is a decent professor - he is an expert in corp law, having worked as a biglaw partner for

several years. He explains things well and even manages to be entertaining at times. He is definitely better than the alternative [Evans]. The downside though is that you never know what to expect from him, either when he calls on people in class or on the exam. His exam was the most unfair exam I've ever taken in law school, imo, with 75 crazy hard multiple choice questions 1/2-1 page long, and one 4-5 page fact pattern. If you take that class, I highly recommend you P/F it.

5.  I had Howson for EO and Evans for M/A.  Definitely liked Howson 200 times better.  Evans is nice, but I just couldn't stand her class or her teaching style - put me to sleep.  Howson, on the other hand, is humorous and engaging.  Howson is arguably one of my all time favorite professors ? ever

6.  I took EO with Professor Howson without a business background and did just fine. I also took Professor Evans for M&A, and comparatively, I much prefer Professor Howson. While there are no business basics, he definitely understands that not all of his students were investment bankers before law school.

7.  I had him for Sec Reg. Incredibly charming. He keeps students' attention very well. Test was hard.

8.  Howson was great for EO. Sec Reg with him was less than great. Either way, his multiple choice exams are ridiculously difficult. He's one of those professors who either doesn't realize how smart he is, or he's faking us out to screw you on the exam when he downplays the difficulty of the multiple choice. I prefer to believe the former.

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