1.  I had Professor Bagley for Health Law, Fall 2010.  It was his first time teaching the course.  I found him to be well-prepared and enthusiastic.

I thought the course was good, hopefully he will do some reorganizing for the next go-round.  The final was fair; however, it only focused on a small portion of the readings.

Overall I would give the course a B+ or A-.  I am sure he will work to improve the materials and I would highly suggest taking him.

2.  Coming from the same class, I felt he was truly one of (if not the) best law professor I had to date. Energetic, funny, caring, incredibly smart, well-prepared, just about any adjective you could describe.

I can't disagree with the final being based on some of the materials, but it was based on the law that we learned. A lot of the policy principals in health law simply can't be tested on in a law school exam setting, unless you want to simply ask for statistics or something.

I agree that some of the materials might be slightly improved but overall I really enjoyed the material. I looked forward to class and felt like I learned a ton about a ton of different health law topics. Would recommend Bagley for any course here at Michigan.

3.  Bagley has been one of my favorite professors so far.  Engaging, enthusiastic, well-prepared, teaching a very useful and relevant class in an interesting way (health law).  I agree with the above reviews that the course needs to be fine tuned a bit and that the final wasn't completely comprehensive, but I would still heartily recommend Bagley + Health Law.

4.  Winter 2011 approves of the comments above
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