1.  Professor Radin came from Stanford as a legend in Property law scholarship. She is brilliant, but if you wind up in her 1L Contracts class, the best thing to do is to make a list of buzz-words. Come exam time, buzz words equal 2/3 of points available.

2. Most people don't like Professor Radin's Contracts class, although they tend to appreciate her as a person and scholar nonetheless.  I had a hard time seeing how the different things Radin said in a typical class fit together; but I think this seeming incoherence is more or less the inevitable consequence of her creative and theoretical mind.

3. Radin is definitely one of those teachers where if you and her are on the same wave length, you'll love her--if not, you'll hate it.  Or maybe not "hate," but have a hard time following along.  I actually was on the same wave-length--I found the pre-class outline and the 3-box structure very helpful.  She's also the one professor who promptly answered every email I sent (not that I sent a lot, but it was nice to know she cared...)

4.  If and when you learn contracts, it will most likely not be a result of attending Radin's class. Her lectures were incoherent to me, but the test is rather basic. Those who come to test day with a surface level understanding of the topics she put on the syllabus will be rewarded. To her credit, she is a champion of not selling babies or ripping consumers off via industry wide standard form contracts . . .Get a good outline or supplement!

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