1.  I took Professor Barr for International Finance and a seminar called International Financial Architecture. I thought he was great. He's very knowledgeable and insightful. He explains things well and enjoys teaching courses in this subject area. I would probably take this course if I were still around next semester. He's a good guy, assigns a lot of reading, rarely cold calls, and tries to make you think, though I wish he would have shared his opinions a lot more.

2.  Have him for Financial Regulation. Pretty engaging and doesn't cold call. Fair amount of reading.

3. Fin Reg: Amazingly smart dude and really interesting course. No cold calling. TONS of reading. Super difficult exam.

4. Beware of taking Fin Reg with Barr. A major failing of the course is that he assumes you have deep knowledge of financial markets and terminology (even though the course description says otherwise). So if you haven't worked for an I bank before law school, you'll be at a major disadvantage. This is especially so because the course has no text book, no course pack, he just assigns impenetrable statutes and expects you to get it as well as he does. The exam is five times more difficult than what he goes over in class. He's a very nice person otherwise, obviously incredibly smart, just not a good teacher.

5. Fin Reg: I quit doing the ridiculous amount of reading after a month, especially all the statutes because he basically explained what they meant in class. He spent no time in class on problems, but 50% of the exam grade was problems.

Take something else.

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