1.  West was excellent. The video exam (crim) was not.

2.  West mumbled a lot and was obviously not interested in the subject (crim). We went through all the topics that needed to be covered, but he didn't do enough to weigh in on student discussion, so I was lost part of the time. Practice exam/review gave us a good idea on what to expect for the final, but the video exam was ridiculous - the images were so grainy people couldn't get the basic facts right.

3.  Just memorize the Model Penal Code (all of it), and all intent-based crimes, and you'll be OK. All the policy discussions in class about people's thoughts and opinions will be useless on the exam. Banning laptops is pointless and he should stop doing it.

4.  The exam was a complete disaster. He uses a video for the fact pattern and we couldn't see approximately 50% of the video because the proctor didn't turn off the lights. The class was split into 2 rooms, so there was an obvious disadvantage to our half of the class because we had to just assume a lot of the facts that we couldn't see on the screen.

Also, don't worry about the common law. There maybe a handful a questions about it and he cites to specific cases for those so you'll need to go to the book for those anyways. The other 95% of the exam is the MPC, which is not something he leads you to believe going into the final.

Also, he bans laptops, which is pretty ridiculous and a complete pain in the ass with a lecture class.

5. West could not care less about his students, as evinced by the horrible video "fact pattern" he gifted us. Made a mockery of preparation for the exam. He basically regurgitated what was obvious in the case each class. The multiple choice was harder than anything we touched on in class. One wonders why he bothers teaching the cases at all since the exam is entirely based on the Model Penal Code. He should not be allowed to teach first year students.

6. Very accessible; get a good group together and go have a couple beers with him some time. Downside is that his crim course doesn't compare with a course with someone like B. Primus, and mostly focuses on the MPC. Upside is that it's more relaxed. He's very receptive to student comments in class discussions.

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