1.  I loved it. Be prepared though; it is quite intense during the 2 1/2 to 3 week period in which you write the brief. I had to drop almost everything else in order to get it done. It was nice to have the clinic wrapped up b/f exams though.

2.  Take it. Lorray Brown is the nicest person alive. Also, the class is really really easy, except for those two horrid weeks (mid-Oct/Nov) where you have to actually write an appellate brief. But really, for two credits, it's great.

3.  I took Mortgage Financing w. Prof Brown. The topic was so timely and that made the class very interesting. We had to write a long paper, but Prof. Brown was very organized and provided a lot of structured guidance. I learned a lot thanks to the paper. Although the technical aspects of the class were fine, I wish Prof. Brown (who's a very warm, approachable prof)would have shared more from her extensive litigation experience. All in all a worthwhile seminar that won't take over your life

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