1.  I liked Niehoff (I know he's not one of the choices listed, but every year I think he teaches it either in the fall or spring). Pretty balanced and clear; I thought the exam was fair (no hiding-the-ball games).

2.  I didn't have Niehoff, but most people who did seemed to like his class.

3.  Niehoff is much more Socratic in Evidence than he usually is with the other two classes he teaches. But, he calls on people by row, and it's pretty clear when your turn comes. He goes through the case book and the rules pretty systematically. The exam is just a regular essay format (3-4 questions in total, and some questions have subparts). He gives some "practice questions" throughout the semester, and although they were helpful in seeing Niehoff's question style and format, the so-called model answers (discussed in class) were not all that useful. Other folks recommended taking Gross in the Fall (if he teaches the class again) if you're looking to avoid Clark's class (which usually meets on Friday at 905 and has a multiple choice final).

4.  Professor Neihoff mentioned in a panel discussion the other day that his Evidence class is much more civil law-focused, whereas some others focus a little more on criminal evidence.

5.  His Evidence class is truly outstanding.  One of the better profs I've had here.  He has a lot of trial experience and seems to care about teaching.  He explains things well and takes his teaching role seriously (rather than just "oh yeah, I have to stand around here for an hour before I go back to writing articles").  Thoughtful, skilled professor.  Unless there's a third Primus who teaches Evidence, I would unequivocally suggest that he be your Evidence pick.

6.  Niehoff is a great professor.  By far the clearest and most direct professor I've had thus far in law school.  He asks tough questions on cold calls, but he's really a big sweetheart.

7. He made evidence one of the most intriguing classes I have taken thus far. I would strongly suggest taking his courses.

8.  Evidence: Incredibly fair exam. Clear professor who teaches the rule and illustrates it through class. Straightforward and not hard at all on cold calls. Takes attendance through sign in sheet every day. One criticism is the amount of reading. It's pretty extreme.

Mass Media: This course is his bread and butter and you can tell he loves it. Course can have highs and lows in terms of how interesting the material is. A paper course, and each student presents their ideas, which can be pretty interesting. You also have to turn in at least 5 pages of something pretty early on. Don't expect much feedback. A good course overall, and allows for some time off reading.

9. I took Civ Pro with him and almost everyone in my class didn't know what we learned as we were studying for finals. Prof. Niehoff is indeed a nice person, but he is definitely NOT the clearest prof.

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