1.  I had him for Trusts and Estate I during winter 2009.  He contributed to the drafting of a substantial amount of the law in this area.  He really knows what he's talking about and is very clear...one of the best profs I've ever had.  He is also very easy going, which makes him a good prof to have early in the morning when you are still in the process of waking up.  He lectures through most of the year (called on maybe 3 people in the first two weeks).  His exam is closed book multiple choice and open book essay.  Everyone who has had him as a prof loves him.

2. Waggoner is great for T&E because he doesn't call on anyone, he's retiring after next semester, and reading is optional for the class (because he doesn't cold call).

3.  I took Int'l Project Finance last semester. I enjoyed the class and it's not too demanding (he mostly lectures after the first few classes). You have to present a paper topic at some point though. He's relaxed when it comes to handing in the paper (ie hand it in before graduation), but he seems to have been a tough grader for a seminar professor (see grade curves). I haven't turned my paper in yet, so can't say for certain.

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