1.  Had her for EO fall of 2008.  Fairly clear, uses power point, divides class into 4 alphabetical on-call groups for each day of the week and goes through the class alphabetically.  Not too harsh when on call.  10-20 pages of reading a night. One exam with MC and an issue spotter essay that was very similar to the sample exam and model answers she gave us. I felt we didn't really go too far in depth in some of the more complex areas (like M&A) if that is what you are looking for.

2. I recommend taking EO with someone else. I actually enjoyed the subject material quite a bit, but Professor Beny is very dry and monotone, which made class excruciating to sit through. On top of that, she does not command a large classroom well -- she cannot force students who are saying something incorrect or sarcastic to stop speaking -- so the class discussion was often counterproductive. Moreover, I thought her overview of the subject was much less complex and in-depth than it could have been in a four-credit class. I am sure that pretty much anyone else is either less boring or at least will teach you more.

On top of that, taking her exam was subjecting yourself to a spin of the grade wheel. Even though she put the pass/fail exams in the curve, they had no effect whatsoever on it and the class average was still 3.19 or something. The essay question half was easy relative to what she could have tested us on, and it was conspicuously similar to a sample question in a study guide (which, of course, only some people had). I went to see her about my exam and she told the person in her office ahead of me that she was very surprised at how many people in the class e-mailed her to complain or come see her after the grades were posted.

She is extremely nice in person, though, and I think she means well. It might be worth taking a seminar with her if the subject matter is interesting enough. I would just avoid a large class with her.

3. I had Beny for EO and it was an all-round terrible experience. I found her to be quite inarticulate and disorganized and I understood very little of the class even though I kept up with the work. She often didn't answer students' questions well and got flustered or angry when students couldn't answer hers. I would honestly advise you to take the class with someone else if you could.

4. I took a different class from Beny - Corporate Finance for lawyers.  By far the worst professor I've ever had in my entire life.  I highly recommend EO/Public Corp as a class, but I wouldn't take it from her.  My close friend

took EO from her and hated it.  The final was really tough and she didn't teach things well at all.  He went in to discuss his final grade and she couldn't explain why he got the grades he did on his answers.

5. I had Beny and she was OK.  EO isn't really a scintillating subject, but I thought she was a good professor and the exam was fair.  I don't have a business background, but I took the 4-credit EO with her anyway and it was fine.  She teaches mostly from slides and I think you were only on call one day a week.  And business associations are on the bar, so now I'm really glad I had it!

6. I heard Beny is terrible, and it's at 9am. How badly do you need EO? Inversely you could take public corp with Pritchard, and while he is a douchebag, he's a good prof, but you can't pass-fail it.

7.  Best teacher I've had.

8.  Had her for Corporate Finance. Very nice and low stress (and she regularly lets class out early!), though she can be a bit awkward.

9. I had Beny and she was really nice. She is very knowledgeable, though haven't learned the tricks of being a good Professor.

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