1.  I took Constitutionalism in SA for my 1L elective last year and it was a great class. The professor is really smart and friendly, and he worked on some of the big cases that you'll read, and he's got lots of great stories about doing human rights stuff in South Africa. It's not Socratic; a lot of reading was assigned sometimes but you could get by without doing all of it. The class was only for a few weeks, and then there was a take-home final that you could schedule for whenever you wanted, within the next month or so after the class ended (if I'm remembering that right). It was definitely nice to have one less final at the end of the semester. I'd recommend it.

2.  S. Africa is only one month and the test is a 48-hr take home that you get to do anytime in a window of two weeks. I know nothing about the UN class, but it sounds nifty. I imagine Transnat would be good to have for that class, but it's definitely not necessary.

3.  If you're a 1L, I'd really recommend it despite a few pitfalls. I'll start with the benefits: The professor is really smart, really experienced, and basically was there and involved when they were creating South Africa's Constitution. He knows all of the cases and history because he lived through it. It's not often, I find, that you get that sort of perspective. The subject, if you're into Conlaw and/or international stuff, is really quite interesting. The class is intense while it's happening, for sure (because it's front-loaded, so it's only for like 4 weeks or something ridiculous), but then it's over. Compare taking four exams with three. If you haven't been through first semester yet you'll realize that having an extra exam at the end could be hell. Since you're also considering a seminar it seems like you might have been thinking about this already. The final is, I'm pretty sure, a 48-hour take home, which is WAY enough time to get it all done. And you have like a month-long window in which to take it. I decided to do it post-spring break, which did mean I studied over spring break, but which also meant that I didn't have to worry about it and then had an entire week to deal just with so Africa. The downside: It is intense for the time that it's going. And there's a lot of reading (which I did sometimes and sometimes not, but I did do it all before I took the final). The class can get long since it is like 2 and a half hours three days a week.

4.  I took constitutionalism in SA last year and LOVED it; it's really interesting and Karthy Govender is the sweetest professor. Plus it's a short course, so really lightens the load with exams at the end of the semester. It's not a seminar like the other course, however.

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