1.  I took his law firms class during fall of 2008.  He covers ethics one day a week and will call on people.  The rest of the time he usually just talks about his own life, career, experiences, where he is going golfing, his vacation on some glacier...Everything you would hope for from a former biglaw partner.  He even canceled a few classes to go golfing (at least it was Pebble Beach).  I went maybe 1 time each week. Exam was 50 T/F and 5 ethics essays.  We also had to write 2 short papers (1-2 pages each) and do 2 group role-presentations up in his office (that was awful).

2.  I really enjoyed Law Firms and found it really helpful when going through Fall OCI. Since Lutz has been a managing partner at a major law firm, he will be able to tell you what the recruiters are looking for during interviews and callbacks. He also has helpful advice regarding practical things to think about if you're interested in staying at a law firm long term (and making partner). Although I never went to his office hours, he encouraged us to use him as a resource when making decisions between firms or between firms and other lines of work.

Also, 1/3 of the classes are on ethics. He gives you a lot of real life examples that may actually come up in practice. I thought it was a relatively painless way to get that requirement out of the way.

3. Lutz is an A-grade windbag, but this class was easy as crap. I may have put 5 hours total into it. There was a 3/4 attendance policy to be eligible to elect pass fail. My only two regrets are that I didn't save this class for my inevitable 3L check out and also that I have bonitis.

4.  I did okay and put minimal work into it. He calculated the curve both with the P/F's and without, giving the class the higher curve. The exam is half law firm stuff (what is profitability?) and half professional responsibility "issue-spotter." I use this term very loosely -- (you walk into a room and catch a partner shredding discovery documents... what do you do? what rules have been violated?). Spotting issues on Lutz's exam is like checking your closet for elephants.

5.  What else can be said about Karl Lutz, Man of the Century? He's incredibly modest but if you prod him, he'll tell you about his time as the #2 partner at Kirkland (yeah, I has never heard of it either). In addition to stories about golf and his ex-wife, you'll learn something about ethics, though personally I was distracted by his inhuman tan.

6.  I took Law Firms and Legal Careers with Lutz and despite its significant shortcomings, I wouldn't totally recommend against it. Lutz likes to hear himself talk and can be openly disrespectful of his students (he seems rather proud of his reputation as a jackass), but the class is not demanding and you can get by without doing most of the readings, except for the professional responsibility assignments. In fact, I got the sense that Lutz only puts together reading packets (or more probably, assigns someone else to put together reading packets) because the law school requires him to assign something; it never seemed like he was even aware of their contents. If you're headed to a firm then you might find some of the material interesting, but note that the class is definitely heavy on law firms and light on other legal careers. You might also appreciate having a class that's not intellectually demanding if your schedule is otherwise challenging.

7.  Law Firms is easy and the readings (if you actually do them) are interesting and actually relevant to our lives (if you're considering a career at a firm). Lutz is pretty much a caricature of BigLaw, though. I find him to be a self-aggrandizing jackass, so be forewarned.

8.  A class in three parts: interviewing/choosing a law firm to work for; ethics/MPRE; and law firm structure... I found this class to be easy, enjoyable, and reasonably useful (fulfills your ethics requirement).

9.  Business Trans. Prac. I: Not too hard, you will learn a lot, Lutz has a personality if you can't deal with it, don't take the class. Fairly easy to get a good grade.

10.  Business Trans. Prac. I: If you can stand Lutz's alpha male complex, great class. A few papers, no final. Be prepared to participate in class.

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