1.  Prof. Mortenson is tough, but fair. He is serious about being prepared for class. His final is insane. That said, he's very interesting. He's a good lecturer. He leaves the pass/fails in the curve, so it doesn't really matter how tough the final is. I would recommend him.

2.  Given the horror stories I've heard about Transnat, I would definitely recommend Prof. Mortenson. He was very engaging, extremely helpful and genuinely cared about the material and our understanding of it. As someone with almost no interest in the vast majority of the material we learned, and who took it P/F, I still cared about being prepared and contributing, in no small part because of Professor Mortenson's efforts.

3.  A great professor. Means very well, but talks very fast, so it's easy to get lost if not paying full attention.

4. Amazing prof, amazing class(Con law) - Prof. Mortenson almost makes you feel bad about yourself if you come to class unprepared because HE's always super-prepared!!

5. I had him for con law.  He's a good prof that means well and really cares about students.  Teaching style wise, however, he's very wordy and repetitive - it takes him 3-4 sentences to convey one idea in multiple ways.  If he'd be more concise in his thoughts, he'd be great.  Exam was definitely very hard.

6.  I had him for constitutional law. He really cares about his students, was way more approachable than any other 1L prof, and was always prepared for class. The exam was very hard (think: long, complex fact pattern with many parties) but I'm guessing the curve reflected that.

7. Prof. Mortenson is possibly the best human being on the faculty! I had him for 1L con law during his first year teaching at Michigan. He was energetic about Con Law the entire semester. He prepares extremely well for class. He does have a tendency to get a bit over-excited and that makes him speed up when he's talking but that's the only negative experience I had. I wish he'd teach more subjects on international arbitration because that's his true expertise.

8.  Talks at a rapid fire pace. Exam is damn hard.

9. Mortensen is the best professor in law school. Brilliant, nice helpful. The finals was the hardest during 1L year. I think that was reflected in the curve though.
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