1.  Bankruptcy with Pottow has been one of my favorite classes. He is really energetic, and loves the material. There can be quite a bit of reading, but its not all entirely necessary. I didn't do all the reading ever day, and ended up with a great grade. The exam is an untimed take home, so you can have it out for days on end.

2.  Had him for bankruptcy.  He's hilarious and very smart.  The class  mostly didn't consist of talking about cases but instead of taking about the hypos in Elizabeth Warren's case book -- and there were a ton of those hypos.  On the downside, Pottow talks extremely fast, and thinks very fast, so it's very hard to follow him sometimes.  I'd suggest that you still take him class, but don't hesitate to ask questions outside class.

As a side note: if you're planning on focusing on litigation in your career, don't bother taking bankruptcy.  In my experience, there's approximately zero chance that you'll somehow be able to try out both as a summer associate or in your early career. But if you're already going the transactional route, definitely take bankruptcy, because it's a good back up.

3. Awesome professor- my favorite of six so far.

4. Had him for Bankruptcy. Best professor I've had. He's hilarious. The only class I've taken where I didn't spend most of it on the internet. He's that entertaining. And format of final exam is pretty good. Short word limit so you don't have to worry about writing too much.

5. The most idiosyncratic, eccentric + hilarious prof at the Law School. But, the man knows what he's talking about. He's an expert in Bankruptcy (having argued before the Supreme Court). He truly wants his students to learn, but I wouldn't say that he goes out of his way to help you.

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