1.  Employment with Prescott was alright, but i would take something else with a more experienced prof. if i could. The class can be dry and boring at times. He has a final and a paper right at the same time when you are taking finals. I don't think we enjoyed doing double work. Other people just said that Prescott was a great person, but a bit disorganized due to having just started. A few said that seemed better when they took the class recently.

2.  I took Employment Law with him.  I like him.  Our class (Winter 2011) was tracked to finish early, which made things a bit rushed and really piled on the readings.  (They're easy readings, but the topics they touch on are quite complicated in parts.)  I'd recommend him.  He has a good econ background, and although at first I questioned his "employment" quals, he does seem knowledgeable.

3. I had Prescott for Crim during the fall 2010 semester.  He's a super nice guy.  But, throughout the course, he strongly discouraged us from using supplements and from separating common law and Model Penal Code in our heads.  The casebook was more than 90% common law and class discussion was 75% common law . . . so naturally, someone who was paying attention in class and doing the reading would study mostly common law . . . but the exam was 100% Model Penal Code.  So my best advice would be to skim the readings so you have a clue what's going on in class, but study black letter law, and be sure to separate common law and MPC in your head!

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