1.  I had her for Trademarks fall of 2008.  She wrote the book and mostly lectures through the cases.  She will pose hypos and cold call though on a few people each class.  Class can get a bit boring.  There were a few silly assignments during the semester that took maybe 30 mins.  10-30 pages reading/day (she usually just assigns a weeks worth at a time and doesn't divide it up in any definite way). One exam with two essays...one an issue spotter and the other was a policy questions (which very few realized was a policy question). She took attendance, but it was a small class.  She curved the class even though there was only 35 or so in it.  She did not like the fact that very few of us asked questions and participated.

2.  You shouldn't need to use a priority. But you need to take this class. Litman is the best. Take her for copyright to. Do it.

3.  She's kind of an awful professor. I'm still thinking about taking Trademark so I can take it before I graduate, but I'll be doing so very reluctantly.

4.  Good class. Very straight forward text. Litman knows her stuff and writes fair exams. I have taken two of her classes and I am in a third this semester. Her lectures are fairly bland and class participation is generally fairly low, but she teaches you what you need to know.

5.  So far at MLaw, Litman has met the "tough but fair" moniker better than any other prof I've had. She knows her stuff, keeps on schedule, and in the end you'll know it, too. I had Litman for Copyright and Eisenberg for Trademark. I would recommend both of them if you have any interest in the subject.

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