1.  Accounting for Lawyers:  Great teacher.  There's no reading.  You fill out course packs off the slides that he uses each class.  He does cold call, but its usually just to answer a simple question or two.  Midterm and exam each with 45 MC questions and worth 45 points.  10 points are for "participation" (whatever that means).  The curve is tight.  Miss just a few questions on each exam and you are most likely out of the A range.

2.  Prof. D's grading scheme is the worst and arguably only bad thing about accounting for lawyers.  I averaged a 90 on the two exams and ended up with a B+ bc I underestimated the weight given to participation as a result of the curve.  Everyone in the class receives a participation grade on a scale of 0-4, every class.  You miss class; you get a 0.  Your final course participation grade is an aggreggate of those daily points. Unfortunately this rewards people who speak often rather than intelligently.  Material and prof. are both otherwise excellent.

3. May be a tight curve, but there's literally no homework and class is low-stress.

4. Second only to Jim Hines.  The class participation is really the only downfall to this class; if you leave to go to the bathroom you'll see his eyes follow you, and you know it's coming out of your points.  But as a teacher he's just fantastic.  Notes are very clear, taught like the undergrad classes of yesteryear.  

5. Accounting for Lawyers: Great class. Great professor and lecturer. You can  study the lectures thoroughly and take the practice exams without using the textbook and do very well in the course. Would recommend, particularly if you were a Bus/Econ person in undergrad and miss that type of course. Just one disclaimer - the curve is very tight.

6. No reading. If you go to class every day and pay attention, you'll do fine.

7. Super tight curve, but an amazing prof. and great class for anyone interested in business.

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