1. Had him for Higher Education Law in winter 2010.  The class can be a bit boring at time, but JB is a good teacher.  Some of the readings were painful, and I stopped doing them halfway through the year.  No cold calling.  There are two group assignments (20% each) that you do with a student from the school of education.  They are basically doing a detailed case brief.  There is a 25 question quiz (20%) that is probably one of the easiest things you will ever have to do in law school.  There is a 4 question, 4 day take home (40%), with a page limit of about 3 pages per question.  I'd recommend it as a good class you can take for slacking off, but still learn some law.

2. Higher Ed law was great. The class can be boring at times, but as a 1L elective it's great because the reading is relatively light and it surveys a lot of issues we learn about in our first year (especially constitutional issues). Plus, Jack Bernard is fantastic--such a sweet, incredibly smart guy.

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