Howard Hertz 


1.  Entertainment Law:  He has handled lots a big names in the Detroit entertainment scene (Eminem, George Clinton, Marilyn Manson, The GO).  He likes to talk about his personal experiences and the music industry in general.  Just lectures through the cases, no cold calling.  You prob won't really learn too much law from this class, but might hear some interesting stories.  Some of the cases can be boring and can make the class quite boring at times, but Hertz does a good job of getting through the boring stuff with as little suffering as possible.  He pretty much tells you what is going to be on the exam (several short and mid range length questions).  A cool guy, and he invites everyone to Ashley's after class for some drinks.

2.  Hertz is here because of his connections and his street cred, not his teaching skills.  He reads straight from the textbook EVERY WEEK for TWO HOURS.  But, if you take good notes you never have to read, which is great, because he assigns 100 pages each week for a 2 credit class that meets once per week.

The best thing you can get out of this class is facetime at a bar with a prominent figure in the music biz.  If you take the class to schmooze with Hertz and not to learn entertainment law, you won't be disappointed.  If you want to actually learn entertainment law, take copyright and trademark classes, because the textbook pulls the majority of its material from those fields.

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