1.  As for Jurisdiction, I'd recommend you wait to take it with Seinfeld in the spring. I can't think of too many profs who can bring subjects as dry as jurisdiction and choice of law to life, but Seinfeld manages to pull it off.

2.  Seinfeld and Reimann are the two best for Jurisdiction, so I'd recommend waiting.

3.  Seinfeld any day of the week.

4.  Might ask Reimann about the more credits thing - or Seinfeld for that matter since I bet he knows. I currently have both profs right now - Seinfeld for Jurisdiction and Reimann for Transnat. I really like them both. Seinfeld is funnier and talks faster. Both are clear lecturers and have reasonable expectations for class participation. Both seem to really know their stuff well and are good at making things concrete. I would say take it with Seinfeld though because his class is sort of magically wonderful. I think you'd really like him. Plus he has Scalia stories =) If you haven't done transnat yet, take that with Reimann. Both great profs though, you can't go wrong I think. Maybe have one as the alternate to the other? Oh, Reimann lets 1L fall starters in his class though, Seinfeld only lets summer starters in next semester I think.

5.  I am in Seinfeld's jurisdiction now, and it is a great class. He is

really engaging and clear on what he wants us to get out of the cases.

6. Seinfeld gets my vote for the best professor at Michigan Law.  He has an utterly bizarre ability to make jurisdiction seem like a fascinating topic.  He's great at doing the socratic thing and setting up debates between the students.  He's great at actually explaining things, giving you a nice theoretical background but also finally giving you an easy-to-remember formulation of the rule (too many profs forget that latter bit).  Plus, he's hilarious and adorable -- he could host his own TV show if he ever got sick of the law.

7. The best. Clear (albeit a fast talker). Gives a crap whether you actually understand and will take time in class, office hours or e-mail to make sure you get it. Provides practical advice on how to be a good lawyer. Seriously, it's obscene how high a standard he sets. And this is entirely separate from whether he's nice, funny, etc.

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