1.  Eve Brensike is the best teacher I have ever had. She is smart, and wants her students to learn. This is not the professor for slackers, you will work harder than in any other class, but you will learn so much more.

2.  Brensike is amazing take any class you can with her.

3.  Professor Brensike Primus might be the best professor in the law school. Her engaging, rapid fire style may strike you as scary at first, but there simply isn't anybody who will teach you this material better. Although I am personally going down the criminal law path, I suspect that anybody interested in simply taking a great law school class will enjoy this one.

4.  There's a lot of work and Professor Primus grills you hard, but she's a great professor and it's a really enjoyable class. I highly recommend it.

5.  Professor Brensike is probably my favorite professor at the law school and this was my favorite class at the law school. It is a lot of work -- 25-30 pages of very dense reading per night. I usually found it took about 3 hours to get adequately prepared. People who take the class know her reputation and tend to be very engaged, so good class participation. Material is really interesting and accessible, and relevant even if you don't go into crim law (the whole class is about your 4th, 5th and 6th amendment rights, which makes watching Dexter and the Wire way more interesting!

6.  Professor Brensike is great.  I loved her class and learned an amazing amount.  She inspires you to push yourself, and it is clear that she has her students' best interests at heart.  Take her class!

7. Reading all these reviews, I must say I disagree. Yes, she is very much on top of things and yes she means well, but her style is certainly harmful to just as many students. She doesn't seem to understand that people process things differently. Instead of working with you like so many other professors do, she has a very particularized style that, if it isn't natural to you, will make her classes a disaster. Again, I do like her, but I just offer my opinion to make people a little better informed before going in.

8. I liked her, but not her teaching style. Way too Socratic, way too much cold-calling. That said, she's really passionate about this stuff.

9. I took her for Crim Pro I: Police Investigations. The class is a lot of work. Professor Primus really knows the material from both the defense and prosecution side and expects a lot out of her students. She cold calls at least 15 people per class session and you should expect to know the justifications for your answer, but the calls are fairly short. She keeps the class very interesting, and I was never bored during her class.

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