1.  Herzog is hands down the best professor I've ever had. He problematizes the doctrine really thoroughly and creatively, which is sometimes a mind fuck, but in a good way...and he's funny as hell. 

2.  Haven't had defamation, but had Herzog for First Amendment, which touches on some of that material. He's brilliant, funny -- and also a very challenging Socratic prof. Not sure how that would translate in a seminar, but expect to be challenged, occasionally frustrated, and also to learn a lot.

3.  I loved this course (first amendment). He assigns a lot of reading and the course requires a lot of preparation (when you get grilled, you get grilled for 20-25 mins and he is not nice if you are not really well prepared). However the material is complicated con-law-y stuff and fascinating for those who liked con law and like rights. Some people think he pushes an agenda too hard but I thought his perspective was really interesting and he was willing to listen if you had a reasonable and different view.

4.  Best class at law school (1A)

5.  Let's just say Don turned my life around. He's a fantastic prof, a great mentor, and a very respectable person. I'd take any class with him in a heartbeat.

6.  I think it's important to offer another perspective here. I had Herzog for 1A. I think he is a nice person and cares about his students. That said, I found him to be one of the least effective teachers I had in law school. His teaching is completely Socratic. But where one reviewer says "challenging," I say it's bad. The more effective Socratic teachers I have had have always been able to bring students around to the right answer. I never felt Herzog did that. He kept asking questions, and those questions certainly made you think, but you hardly ever got a sense if the student's response was analyzing the issue correctly. While some ambiguity is inherent in 1A law, I thought Herzog could have done a lot more to focus the doctrine for us. As it stands, most of what I "learned" came from the reading, not from anything Herzog said in class. 

All that said, there's clearly a faction of students here who love him, and you may too. But not everyone does, and when you peel back the layers of "cool," I didn't actually think he was that great a teacher.

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