1.  I thought the course was very practical and very straightforward and the workload was relatively light. Gould is nice and tries to be engaging (sometimes successfully sometimes not).

2.  I took the class. The reading seemed heavy for each class, but the class only met once a week. Gould is a really nice guy, but in terms of teaching I felt that he overexplained most things. If you are otherwise familiar with real estate finance or asset based lending this may be irratating and make it difficult to focus. He is a practicioner so the class had a practical feel, which I liked; however, his practice experience is likely different then a majority of the students practice will be. He has practice questions for each class period that are essentially softball questions taken straight from the restatement illustrations. He seemed to underestimate the classes ability and overall comprehension, which was also a downside (I never felt challanged by classroom questions). The final was primarily multiple choice and fair. Not so easy that it was a lottery, not so hard that it was a guessing match. I'm sure the pass/fails had no problem passing with little study. Overall I would recommend the class. Professor Gould is a really nice guy.

3.  I took it last semester and I thought it was pretty good for getting a basic understanding of real estate terminology and as well as some foundational concepts. As the course title suggests, most of the things discussed in class deal with how real estate purchases are financed (mortgages, etc.) and all the things surrounding that. What I learned in class was definately useful when working on real estate projects this summer - I didn't have a comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of what was going on, but it was much easier to learn and to catch on to what was going on having already formed a solid base. The work load is fair, especially since Professor Gould pretty much just goes over the reading in class. The test was also very fair and totally based on practice problems and concepts discussed in class.

4.  It is a VERY useful class, epecially if you have any interest in practicing real estate. He is a great prof; he really takes time to explain things in class. The reading is a bit heavy (I thought) for a 2 credit class. Average 50-60 pgs. per week + practice problems. It is not super difficult material though. In addition, if you want to cut out some of the reading, there is a combined outline and hornbook written by the casebook authors that follows the casebook almost exactly. It is a lot more consise.

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