1.  Uhlmann is a great prof.  Super nice, very smart, good-natured, not overtly funny but seems to have a good sense of humor.  Really likes to have everybody participate in a sort of discussion-style class...it really feels more like a seminar and I think he likes it that way (ours is maybe 30 people though, not sure it's always that way).  He explains things very clearly.  He does have trouble staying on pace, partially due to his stories about being a federal prosecutor, but they're interesting stories so who cares?  I took Environmental Crimes as a totally random elective, with no interest in environmental anything, because friends recommended Uhlmann.  No regrets.

2. Had Uhlmann for Crim Law, and I personally thought he was great. The class was more discussion based and less socratic. Does not really focus on MPC, but rather the general requirements for crimes in several states.

3. Incredibly nice prof who genuinely care about his students. Presents material (crim law) in an easy to digest format and is almost always entertaining. Draws a lot from his experience as a fed prosecutor but his humorous and honest about most aspects of the law. My only caveats would be that 1) he tends to entertain any and all questions and lets the class digress and diverge from the course and 2) he is pretty harsh on you if you don't understand something which he feels you should. Usually this is only when he feels you didn't complete the reading, which he feels breaks the flow of the class. However, chastising students for not reading equally breaks the flow.

Exam: Pretty fair, long. Multiple short answers followed by a long fact pattern which had 8-10 individual questions about which charge would be brought. Many seemed pressed for time. Still, not a hide the ball type of exam.

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