1.  Clear, kind, and awesome. Probably the easiest to understand professor I've had here, although that may be tainted by the fact that she taught what was probably the easiest course (Torts) to understand that I've had. Will laugh if you inadvertently swear in class and tell you humorous anecdotes about the lovable but rascally incorrigibility of Antonin Scalia. If you're gonna take jurisdiction, you should probably take it with her.

2.  I took federal courts with Whitman. She is the best teacher I have ever had. She's clear, thorough, and warm. Even though she uses the Socratic method, she doesn't do it in a mean or overbearing way. She's clearly brilliant and teaches an ideal class that studies the relevant cases but also sets them in conversation with the bigger picture.

3. I had her for jurisdiction.  Very friendly professor, not the least bit intimidating.  Does socratic method, but only for 5-10 mins or so on each person, and is pretty ok with someone not being prepared.  If she asks a question that's too hard, she acknowledges that and will answer it herself. She tries to keep the class entertaining - "try" is the key part of that sentence.  For a confusing subject, she made it pretty clear - writing on the board, explaining a lot of things vs doing socratic, and posting 1 pg class summaries on ctools, which was great if you needed to miss class.  Right before the exam, she was answering questions up until the night before - really appreciated her being so available with her time.  She'd respond very thoroughly and at all hours of the day, which was great.

4. Prof. Whitman is fantastic. She has a terrific presence in front of her class and has a way of keeping your attention (for the most part). I thought she did a phenomenal job with the Jurisdiction and Erie Doctrine parts of the course. The (state-state) choice of law stuff got a little messy but that was more due to the law rather than due to Prof. Whitman. She's great in lecture.

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