1.  It was impossible to pay attention for more than 10 minutes (contracts). Frier hid the ball too much, asking students what they thought about tangential issues in the case without getting to the point himself. His extremely slow pace was torture. We left class - assuming we could pay attention, which judging from the number of open gchat windows most of us could not - even more confused than before. The textbook was terrible. For the amount of gain the reading load was too heavy. It seemed Frier and White got lazy after editing the third chapter and left us with a bunch of lengthy cases that could be easily condensed.

2.  Frier, by his own admission, asks unhelpful coldcall questions akin to "what color am I thinking of?" The book is good, the professor is funny, but you're still learning contracts on your own.

3.  Terrible. Going to class was pointless, the book taught nothing and was horribly organized. If you're taking contracts with him, just read the E and E.

4. I can pretty much just agree with 3.  It's a good book, but class added very, very little.  On the plus side, he did provide a lot of practice exams with model answers. Roman Law might be a great course to take with him, but Contracts?  It's just him musing vaguely in his Mid-Atlantic accent. It was kind of neat that he had a question about Cylons on the final, though.

5. Cold calls that last all class.

6.  I don't really understand these other reviews.  Frier is entertaining and funny, and the class sessions are helpful (and I hardly say this of ANY class).  #5 isn't too far from the truth.  Frier will generally stay on one student for an entire case, which can be more than half the class if the case is complicated.  BUT, he does a great job of supplementing his questions or rephrasing if it is clear you are having a hard time.  I would suggest NOT listening to #3 and just reading the E&E.  The class is engaging, and the textbook is one of the better ones you will read as a 1L, and honestly, the contracts E&E kind of sucks.

7.  I'm shocked by these reviews. My entire section loved contracts with him. By unanimous consent we considered his class one of the best we had 1st year. We thought the class was very straightforward. The cold calls are long, yes, but he is very cordial and unintimidating. The test was exactly what was expected and the casebook was great. 

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