Reuven Avi-Yonah


1.  I had AY for his intro to taxation of businesses in the fall of 2009. If you haven't taken a tax class before this one, you might feel a little lost because Avi-Yonah talks fast and goes over the material fast.  However, much of what he talks about in class isn't necessary to know.  He mainly just lectures, no cold-calling, and often cuts class 10-20 minutes short.  It's pretty laid back.  The exam had 3 questions, and he told us what kinds of questions he would ask (one transaction type question, one choice of business entity questions, one corporate tax policy question).  Buying the case book was pretty much a waste.  

2.  I had AY for international tax during the winter of 2010.  Despite the fact that it can be difficult to understand what he is talking about at times (because he goes over stuff very quickly and sometimes does not explain some small but important rule or fact), he is one of my favorite prof's at UM.  He doesn't waste time with material or questions that do not really matter for the class.  He talks a lot about real life transactions he has worked on and other well-known transactions and their tax implications.  He really loves tax, and that makes it easy to sit through his lectures.  It also doesn't hurt that he ends class early on a regular basis.  His exams are fairly easy.  He gives you a pretty good idea of exactly what will be on them.  Open book, internet allowed.  His past distributions look very favorable.  He is one of the most well-known tax law scholars in the US.  Great guy.  Recommended.

3.  Really nice professor and always ends class early. He's a big deal in the tax world too. Would recommend his classes. 

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