1.  Professor Coan is clearly brilliant, but that didn't perfectly transfer to teaching ability. I wouldn't take another course with him.

2.  I agree that Prof. Coan is brilliant ... and think he's a pretty good teacher as well. The course definitely started slow. He tended to linger on topics a bit too long. However, he clearly cared about making the discussion lively, making sure we learned what we needed to know, and the law we were discussing. I would take another course with him.

3. In Con Law, Prof. Coan often let class discussions ramble instead of guiding the class to what we were supposed to learn.  But, he was always a very respectful, enthusiastic professor, and he was genuinely excited to teach us.

Once he gets his steam going during a lecture, he lays the material down clearly enough that you don't even have to read the 1,200 page textbook ... hope you're a fast typist!

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