1.  I would highly recommend ADR or EDR w/ Kantor at some time in your UMLS career. Prof Kantor is very experienced in the field of dispute resolution, and he does a great job combining lectures, guest speaker and exercises to make class a lot different than a typical law school lecture class. Additionally, I really feel like knowing the different dispute resolution techniques will aid you in whatever you wish to use your law degree for

2.  ADR(Kantor): Enjoyable, you can skimp on the reading. Several short papers (3-5 pages) which you can knock out easily.

3. I had Kantor for ADR, and he was a very enjoyable professor in that class.  His reading assignments, while massive, could be skipped as long as you knew the general idea of any specific cases he assigned.  Discussing reading assignments was not a big part of ADR, and for the most part, you could bullshit your way through most cold-calls (which he does fairly often) without embarrassment.  Kantor takes good command of the classroom and there is little wasted motion in class discussions.  Overall, a very nice guy, and his vast experience as a mediator makes his lectures practical and interesting.

4. Assignments can be tedious, but the class is probably one of the most useful classes you'll take in law school. Kantor is a nice, pleasant guy, but he is old school. Be sure not to dress like a slob and attend all the classes. Kantor care a lot about those little formalities.

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