1.  [Elder Law] I took it and enjoyed it. Professor Hirschel is super nice. She's been working in elder law and policy for a long time so is an expert in the area. She has great stories to share. There are times when class is a little dry, but overall I think the topics covered were interesting - but this probably all just depends on what you're personally interested in. Grade was based on class participation, a presentation, and a research paper.  I can't remember all of the topics covered - but I remember we went over legal ethics in representing an elder client, housing, medicare & medicaid, guardianship, end of life care, euthanasia...

2.  [Elder Law] I took it and didn't like it. The prof didn't like people who were going to end up at a law firm instead of doing elder law. There's a TON of reading, and its pretty much worthless because you spend the entire time in discussing the problems with the system without ever discussing any solutions. And what it comes down to is that its a super state-by-state determined deal, and so you can't learn any substantive law b/c its different everywhere.

Although it might be more interesting now with the new healthcare bill. And if you want to do elder law, its a great class.

3.  [Elder Law] It was a low-stress seminar, and she does a lot more talking than most seminars, but she cares deeply about what she does and brings in some speakers throughout the semester. We had one or 2 assignments aside from the paper, and reasonable amount of readings. It was interesting to me because most of it was new, but its not something that appeals to everyone, and not an area I'd want to practice in, especially after the class.

4.  [Elder Law] It's a pretty decent class and my best grade in law school! it's a 25ish page paper on pretty much anything you want to write about and prof hirschel is really tolerable and if you just be normal and nice and moderately chatty in class she'll like you. didn't really need to do all the reading most of the time - class could be kind of boring but tolerable. i took it b/c it wasn't full and fit into my schedule and it ended up being worth it!

5.  [Elder Law] I really enjoyed Professor Hirschel's seminar. She is a practicing attorney, who is really passionate about elder law issues. The readings are engaging and designed to stimulate classroom discussion; be prepared to share your thoughts!  I hope this convinces you to register for the class.

6.  [Elder Law] I haven't had Professor Hirschel for a class, but I've recently worked with her extensively, and she is a lovely person, as well as extremely knowledgeable about law and the elderly. Hope this helps a bit!

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