1. I LOVE Professor Davis.  I took her for EO, M&A, and I'm trying to get into her seminar next semester.  I have a psych background and came here with NO interest in business - I only took M&A bc I thought she was such an amazing professor.  She is  by far the most clear professor I have ever had.  She tells you the law, and what you need to know.  When I took her class she had an "opt-in" participation system, where you choose to be open to the possibility of a cold call a certain number of times (25-27?) in the semester to get the exam at full credit.  You HAVE to be prepared the day you get called on. I got called on once in EO.  I don't really remember the business basics, but I think it was just simple accounting and taking it slow in some places, which was great for me.  I can't say enough good things about her.  I hope you will take her class!

2.  I have a 3L friend who took her for  EO.  (Davis is the person everyone was calling Evans on lawopen a few days ago.  She changed her name this summer so all that info is relevant to her.)  She absolutely loved her as a prof.  My understanding of the extra business stuff is that her EO is geared more towards people with no business experience, whereas the other section is geared more towards econ majors and the like.

3. I had Davis for EO in spring '09 and generally enjoyed her teaching. There is absolutely NO "ball-hiding" with Prof. Davis.  While she can be a bit boring at times, especially if you come to class very prepared, Prof. Davis always lays down the material in a predictable, lucid fashion and there were absolutely NO surprises on the final exam.  In that respect, I wish more professors would follow her lead.

On the downside, Prof. Davis entertained several gunners in our class all semester, and there were times when they diverted her from her lecture for 10 minutes or more.  I guess she is not used to people REALLY caring about corporate and partnership law and can get sidetracked when people want to "show their stuff."  If you are a gunner, Davis will love you.

Overall, thumbs up.

4. As for EO, I got some information from previous LL.M. students though I ended up not taking those class. (I took PC with Pritchard, instead.) They say: Evans puts more emphasis on basic concepts and financial aspects, in addition to purely legal aspects, than other professors; Evans puts less emphasis on M&A than other professors (since she offers a separate "M&A" class).  Evans gives moderate amount of reading, while Howson gives tremendous amount.

5. Evans is very good. She is organized, smart and fair. There are no fire-works in her class and the pace at which she covers the material is quite slow but it isn't boring.

6. I spoke with a friend who had Evans who said he liked her as a prof but her final was very tough

One of the EOs is for people with business backgrounds (the 4 credit one), the other (the 3 credit) is for those without a business background. I have EO with Evans right now. It's not bad but it's not a thrill either.  Evans is very good and very thorough. No fireworks, but not boring. In two words I would say: ho hum. Having said that, the subject matter is very important and it's great to get the fundamentals so I highly recommend taking EO at some point.

7. Evans kind of sucks...  She's a nice lady, but her class is boring.  Some people who I know really liked her.  She does take the scary out of business stuff, which for me was good.  Sadly, her final had little relation to the class material, was much more detailed and challenging than she had ever been in class.  I didn't do terribly in the class, so everyone must've felt like they did pretty poorly, but it did leave me feeling disturbed after the exam.  I'm not sure bored to tears is the right way to describe the class, but it was not good for me.

8. I had Howson for EO and Evans for M/A.  Definitely liked Howson 200 times better.  Evans is nice, but I just couldn't stand her class or her teaching style - put me to sleep.  Howson, on the other hand, is humorous and engaging.  Howson is arguably one of my all time favorite professors ? ever

9. I took EO with Professor Howson without a business background and did just fine. I also took Professor Evans for M&A, and comparatively, I much prefer Professor Howson. While there are no business basics, he definitely understands that not all of his students were investment bankers before law school.

10.   Davis' teaching: C+

Davis' hair: A

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