1.  Alicia is great.  However, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT TAKING THE URBAN COMMUNITIES CLINIC because of Dana Thompson. There's really one word that can describe Dana, I don't care to use it here. She is absolutely awful and will make you hate yourself for taking the clinic. Dana is incredibly rude and disrespectful. And she is stuck on trying to teach things in a Socratic method where she won't help you on anything, but rather she will just ask you the exact same question you asked her. For example, you will ask her about how to approach X issue (after you already thought about it and couldn't figure it out), and she will just repeat "well how do you think you should approach X issue." If you tell her that you don't know, then that's it because she won't ever know either. I really don't know what the school was thinking when the hired Dana.

I took the clinic when it was mandatory pass/fail and it was still a terrible experience with Dana as my supervisor. You would have to be crazy to take it on the mandatory graded basis that it is offered now. STAY AWAY from this clinic if at all possible (at least until after Dana gets canned).


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