LawProfGuide exists to help UM law students choose classes more wisely without having to beg for info on lawopen. 

Recent Changes:

1. I apologize for ignoring this site the last few years. I know some people are still using it. I have updated the format so that you can leave reviews through an anonymous comment system. I trust that no law student would ever get carried away on an anonymous discussion board. That said, I will be forced to delete anything that gets too personal or vulgar. The new comment system might be more susceptible to spam. I will do my best to delete any posts referencing how someone's mother-in-law makes $72 an hour working from home. 

2. I have added a General Discussion page if anyone wants to post something off topic.

3. I have added a Recent Reviews page.

4. There are about 1900 old submissions from the last few years that I need to weed through. I will do my best to add these to the site. If you want to review a professor that is not yet on the site, you still have to use the Submit a New Prof link. I will have to add a new review page manually.

5. I am working on linking each professor's name on the review pages to the professor's University of Michigan profile.

6. If you find this site useful, please consider donating a small amount through the PayPal link below. There have been costs associated with keeping this site alive the past 6 years such as domain fees, hosting fees, and my own precious time! The crappy Adsense ads only amount to a few pennies a year. Any amount is appreciated.

Go Blue!

This site is not affiliated with the University of Michigan or any student group in any way.

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